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Written By: Charles - Jul• 24•10

Summer                                   Waxing Grandchildren Moon

Adding a new computer to what step-son Jon calls my command center.  This is a Gateway, my second, that I bought a couple of months ago, but waited to install until I could afford a new monitor for it.  That came during the grandkids stay so I decided to set the whole thing up yesterday.  It’s up and running though I’ve not downloaded my security software yet and I haven’t got some additional software on it yet either:  Microsoft Office, Photoshop Essentials, and some software and passwords from this (Dell) computer that need to go over to it.

(reality:  3 desktops.  fantasy:  see picture)

Soon this computer (the Dell) will function as my weather station and back-up system while the new Gateway will become my primary computer for e-mail, blogging and using the Internet.  This one has begun to have periodic work stoppages, ones I have not been able to resolve in spite of much troubleshooting.  They annoy me, but are not serious enough to abandon the computer  altogether.  Over the course of the last couple of years the price of desktops with fast enough cpus and mega storage have fallen dramatically, far enough that I could afford a new computer dedicated to writing, art history research and Latin (in my study) and now to upgrade my main internet gateway.

This Dell has been with me ever since Ancientrails began during my achilles tendon repair in February of 2005, so it has given good service and I imagine, with light use, will give many more.  (the first couple of years of Ancientrails were in Frontpage and can now be reached under archives on the links to the right.)

OK. Enough rationalization.  I really like computers.  Like the bees, they’re part serious, part hobby and I can no longer tell where the line belongs.

May your clock always run fast, your storage always be enough and may your computer be ever young.

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