Movin’ On

Lughnasa                                Waxing Artemis Moon

This feels like the last day of this illness.  Kate thinks I picked up the original in the hospital, so its nasty behavior could reflect its origin. Wishing it gone.

Back to the garden, the Latin, the novel, Sierra Club work with a long stretch of here time.  Just waiting on the extraction equipment to arrive and then we’ll create a true honey house.  I plan to turn Mark Odegard’s design for our honey labels into a metal sign for the honey house.  I’m also thinking t-shirts and baseball caps.

A quiet time bee wise, just waiting for the bees to finish doing their work in the supers.  Saw one gal working today on the Russian sage.  Each time I’m out there and a bee is there too; it moves me, a true companionship with the natural world, with insects, of all things.

We paid my annual premium for long-term care insurance.  To talk about “my” long-term insurance feels a little creepy, even if it is sensible.

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