Gettin Old

Fall                                Waxing Blood Moon

Garlic planting today.  Turnip harvest.  Gazpacho making.  Garden work appropriate to the season.

Have had a little trouble getting to it.  Just finished a call from Allianz Insurance on my application for long-term care insurance.   A pleasant young woman took down my information.  She said, “Ohhh”  every once in a while, the sort of sound made when empathizing with a small child or a fragile senior.  Empathy is a funny thing, done well as this young woman did  it soothes and calms.  Done poorly it can raise my hackles because it trespasses into the realm of independence, mine, and may cross the tense border between empathy and sympathy.

This time, unlike with the John Hancock interview, there were no rows of numbers to remember, no questions about the day, month, year, season.  This experience was superior to the John Hancock nurse, who seemed a bit distracted and hard bitten.

Later on sheepshead.

Now, to the outside.

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