Delight. First Thoughts.

Lughnasa                                     Waxing Back to School Moon

Delight.  Joy.  Enthusiasm.  Passion.  The Woolly question for this Monday is, What delights you?   OED:  from Latin delectare- to allure, attract delight, charm please.frog6003_2010-09-18_0290

1.  to give great pleasure, enjoyment, to please highly

3.  to enjoy greatly

Joy.   OED:  a vivid emotion of pleasure arising from a sense of well-being,  the feeling or state of being highly please or delighted, exultation of spirit, gladness, delight

Finding the green frog this morning delighted me.  Digging potatoes, too.  Seeing Ruth smile and jump on the couch.  Watching Vega roll over and stick her legs in the air, smiling.  Watching Kate walk without pain.  Going on a long trip.  Seeing my boy.  Reading.  A good movie.

Speaking of good movies.  I just finished Gran Torino.  A brilliant tear-jerker.  Eastwood gave an oscar winning performance, but I don’t think he got one for it.  Also am nearing the end of Encounters at the End of the World by Werner Herzog.  This guy is a genius.  Antarctica never looked so peculiar.  He also weaves gently apocalyptic thought into the film as a whole.  Both highly recommended if you, like me, missed them three years or so ago.

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