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  • So, Why Get Up At 4 AM?

    Spring                                                 Waning Bee Hiving Moon

    As the bee hiving moon fades to black, it makes way for the last frost moon.  Our last frost up in the northern exurbs of the Twin Cities comes somewhere between May 15 and May 20 on average.  May 15 is the date I use because I haven’t experienced a later frost, but it could happen.  That’s the date the tomato plants go out, the kale and chard I’ve started (though I’ve also sown them outside, too), the beans, cucumbers and various annual flowers.

    Tomorrow the Celtic calendar, the one I follow in addition to Gregorius’s, turns over to the season of Beltane.  More on that Sunday.

    Today is a rainy, cool day unfit for working with bees.  Good for transplanting though, but I don’t have any more to do right now.

    There was a royal wedding, wasn’t there?  No, I did not get up at 4 am for a breakfast party to watch it, nor did I watch the 68 minute version Kate and Mark watched yesterday.  I did scroll through pictures on the LA Times website.  Got me wondering.  Why all the attention in this, the most plebeian of powerful nations?

    I stipulate the romantic notion of princess and prince, especially the steroidal version that involves a commoner elevated by marriage to royalty.  We have a 5 year old grand-daughter who would have no trouble seeing herself in Kate Middleton’s role.  Middleton, eh.  Even the name reeks bourgeois. I stipulate further the fascination of any marriage as a symbol for that fragile, wonderful, ordinary miracle of love.  I know these two play a factor, a large factor.

    But 4 am?  What’s up with that?   Rather, who’s up with that? Continue reading  Post ID 10196