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Got a Habit?

Lughnasa                                      Waxing Harvest Moon “We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle Good old Aristotle.  A subtle mind, tutor to Alexander the Great and foe of Platonic idealism.   His work is … Continue reading

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Harvest Home

Lughnasa                                                 Waxing Harvest Moon Tomorrow the season’s honey harvest.  Kate and I will haul out the extractor, fasten it to the deck and begin uncapping our honey. The process goes like this.  Each colony with surplus honey, 2 & 3, … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                  Waxing Harvest Moon As August slides away and the sky shifts its colors toward deeper hues, an inner barometer detects higher emotional pressures.  The atmosphere weighs more, cuing those momentary pauses, breaks in attention.  It may signal a storm … Continue reading

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All Visas All the Time

Lughnasa                                                  Waxing Harvest Moon Visas.  All visas all the time.  Got a fluttery batch of e-mails and phone messages, all received after Travisa’s office’s had closed.  OMG.  We won’t get the documents to you in time.  OMG. Solved by reminding … Continue reading

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New Theme

Lughnasa                                              New Harvest Moon Trying out a new website design.  May try out two or three more over the next three weeks.  I’m looking for something a little cleaner, new.  A change. The graphic design course I took prompted me … Continue reading

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Is There a Prophet In the House?

Lughnasa                                                                                                  New Harvest Moon NB: prophet is a gender neutral word as I use it. Kate.  Always ahead of her time.  When Kate was in high school in Nevada, Iowa, she arranged a deal to take most of her senior … Continue reading

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Lughnasa                                                                                       New Harvest Moon Just watched a movie, Unstoppable, that featured Denzel Washington.  This guy can act.  He’s a lunch bucket worker, very able to project blue collar seriousness.  The story concerns a real runaway train story, an Ohio train … Continue reading

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Brother and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Lughnasa                                                                         New Harvest Moon Took Mark over to Walmart where he shopped for work clothes, slacks and button down shirts.  He bought 5 of each, a set for each day of the week.  Here’s the weirdness.  Bangladeshis made the clothing.  … Continue reading

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