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A Melancholy Garden

Fall                                                  Waxing Autumn Moon In spite of the 80 degree plus weather it felt like a fall day outside.  The sky blue, the clouds white, the sun weak. Collected the potatoes.  After Mark carried the harvest inside, I put the … Continue reading

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Strange Weather

Fall                                                 New Autumn Moon A strange weather time.  A storm system and winds blowing in from the east.  Our weather systems almost always come from the west, following the planet’s rotation and the jet stream, but this raggedy storm system … Continue reading

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On The Move

Fall                                           New Autumn Moon While we slept, the busy folks at English Gate Academy in Saudi Arabia were solving Mark’s visa snags.  Dr. Ahmed called a person he knew at the Saudi Embassy in DC.  Mark submitted two new forms, … Continue reading

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Breaching the Walled Garden of the Self

Fall                                               Waning Harvest Moon Prepping for a presentation on Spiritual Resources for Humanists.  Reading books, articles, letting ideas slip past as I get ready to sleep, keeping my antennae out for what feeds me now. The book I mentioned before, … Continue reading

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Partners and Co-Creators

Fall                                                       Waning Harvest Moon Went out and picked raspberries for pancakes this morning.  With a definite chill in the air the garden felt different, a bit sleepy, ready to bed down for the cold season.  After a month or so … Continue reading

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