Bee Diary: Honey Harvest By The Numbers

Lughnasa                                                   Waxing Harvest Moon

Kate handed me a note with the honey harvest for this year:




Peanut butter jars (large):  7.5  x 3 lbs each for 22.5#

Pint jars:  17 x 1 lb                                                      17.5#

1/2 pint  37 X 11 0z.                                                    32#

1/4 pint  13 jars @ 5 oz.                                               4#

total                                                                             75.5#

This is not a large harvest as honey harvests go, but it more than meets our needs and offers us many opportunities to make gifts and to barter.

Kate’s the precise type, which is a good thing in a physician.

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