Blue Collar Plants

Written By: Charles - May• 31•11

Beltane                                                                          Waning Last Frost Moon

The last day of May.  Where do the good times roll?

This morning Mark and I worked on digging holes in a front bed (Mark) and digging, weeding and dividing hemerocallis, then transplanting them (me) into the holes dug in the front hemerocallis_just_sobed.  Hemerocallis (day lilies) are the blue collar workers of the perennial beds.  They work hard, are hardy and bloom like crazy in August.  They also have grow out, expanding their territories.  And they never die.  Hemerocallis are forever.

I’ve gone through several different attitudes toward them.  At first I loved their variety and bought several different kinds, putting them in places where I wanted foliage most of the season and blooms during the particular periods when the variety bloomed.  That was good.  Then, they began to spread out, multiply, take up space, crowd out other plants.  That was bad.  So, I began to divide and transplant them, much as I did this morning, but with less thought.  Eventually this meant that I had not solved the problem, but spread it to different areas of the garden.  Duh.  So.  I stopped buying hemerocallis.  That was good.  I have given away dozens of clumps of various varieties and yet I have still more.  You can see  how a nursery person could learn to love hemerocallis.

Now I have what I like to think is a mature attitude toward these sturdy plants.  When I need to crowd out weeds and have a bed that will no longer require attention, I reach into my ample supply of hemerocallis and dig, divide, transplant.  We now have a good working relationship because we understand each other.

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