Lumberjack: The Home Reality Show

57  bar rises 30.17  2mph NNE dew-point 51  sunrise 6:54 set 7:19  Lughnasa

Waning Gibbous Harvest Moon  rise 8:02  set 9:41

Enough ranting.  The fiscal world will go about its business; Kate and I made our decisions and have commitments that make sense to us.  In the political realm Obama has gone from looking like the candidate for change to staging a disappearing act in the media.  Will the economy help him re-emerge?  Don’t know.  Neither candidate seem compelling on financial matters.  Obama’s good luck is that he’s a Democrat with a tanking economy run by Republicans.  Sometimes luck is all that matters.  Napoleon famously wanted to know if his officers had good luck.  He promoted those who did.

Another episode in Lumberjack:  The Home Reality Show today.  The second acacia has to come down and I have to drop it in a narrow space.  I’m feeling confident.  I’ll let you know how it goes down.

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