Class of 99: Reunion

Fall                                                        Full Autumn Moon

Occupy Wallstreet.  Upfront.  I don’t like the idea of a left wing tea party.  If the route to factional power requires offering up common sense and logic, let me ride with wimpy center right Democrats.  On the other hand.  A little class warfare is in order, or, I should say, a little proletarian class warfare is in order.

Any dimbulb with a rheostat could have turned up their light far off enough to read the true effect of rational markets, free markets and free trade.  That giant sucking sound?  Your cash hoovered up by the hedge fund managers, the CEO’s, the business titans, all the corporate persons flailing around in our economy, Frankenstein’s monster made institutional and given double 007’s license to kill and plunder.

The free market works, if you’re on top of the giant ponzi scheme called international finance.  If you blow it, whole countries will go to your aid.  As a banker, if you betray the trust of your customers, the penalty is a big fat infusion of cash to keep you afloat.  If you’re a carmaker whose cars consistently underperformed and showcased shoddy workmanship, expect the Federal government to ride in, saddlebags full of cash.

If you’re a poor schlub who signed an ARM and got it twisted behind your back in the latest crash, well, too bad.  We’ll have your home back.  Now.

I’m gonna be there tomorrow at 3:00 pm, Peavey Plaza.  You?

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