A Clear Week Ahead

65  bar rises 30.02  omph NW  dew-point 64  sunrise 7:03  set 7:07

Last Quarter Harvest Moon  rise 12:10  set  4:24

Pouring rain.  Thunder and lightning.  Good for the crops, but if it lasts into tomorrow, not so good for site prep.  That’s what’s on deck.  Guy with bobcat moving earth, creating berms, leveling.  That sort of thing.

The weather forecasts look ok, still some chance of thunderstorm on Thursday morning.  20%  Good odds.

Finished all the candidate research this morning.  Sierra club political committee tomorrow night.  Might be the last meeting until after the election.  From this point forward it will be retail political work, tactics not strategy.

I have no tours until a week from Friday.  That one is an On Dragon’s Wings tour for an esl group.  They have asked us to use modified language.  Not sure what that means.  Guess we’ll find out.

We’re ready to do this.