Oh, Man.

Written By: Charles - Sep• 24•08

Today I have had many opportunities to learn about melding with the movement of the universe.  I missed the first lesson when the dumptruck driver put the load of compost in the middle of the truck gate.  I could have accepted it and began to work around it, but it made me mad.

When the site prep guy broke the irrigation main, I knew I had failed to figure the irrigation stuff out before hand, so I accepted my responsibility and felt calm.

Seemed like I had it down.  Then, Kate called at 10:10 PM tonight.  “I blew a tire on the trailer.”  Oh.  Well, another opportunity to flow with the movement of the universe.  After a call to a specialty tire service–not cheap–, the guy came, an hour + after I initiated contact.  “Hmmm.  The wheels no good.”  This at 11:45 PM.  Swell.

What could I do?  You can’t get a wheel at 11:45 pm.  So, I called the Sheriff’s office.  They’re closed.  I had to call 911.  The Sheriff’s message told me to call them.  I reported the trailer as not going to get fixed until the morning.  Kicked it off the trailer hitch and drove home.

Where I am now.  Hungry.  Gonna have something to eat, then go to bed.

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