Woolly Mammoths Tramp Through The Marsh

Samain                                      Moon of the Winter Solstice

Woollies tonight at the Marsh in Minnetonka.  We met in the moon room, a dining room with several tables overlooking, I imagine, the marsh, but it was dark.

Tom Crane gave every one a sharp bladed pocket knife with a mammoth bone embedded in the handle.  Nice.

Kate and I gave a half pint of honey to everyone and I passed out the small paintings I picked up in Ecuador.  It was a Christmassy sort of moment.  Scott gave Kate and me gift tags that Yin had found.  They have bee hives printed on them.

We caught up on family matters and projects around the table.  Discussed the Edo Pop show at the MIA.

A short meeting, but a good one.

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