Ancor Impari

Winter                                      Garden Planning Moon

When I started futzing around with photoshop after my class, around 11:00 pm, I discovered it wouldn’t work.  Kept crashing whenever I opened a picture.  Hate it when that happens to a multi-hundred dollar piece of software.

So.  On the internet with searches like:  CS 5 extended crashes on startup.  As usual, I was not the first person to encounter this problem.  After several fits and starts, staying away from the registry I might add, I turned off openGL, whatever that is, something to do with 3D, and everything calmed down.  That didn’t leave me, however, with much time to work, so I did the trick with the black and white plus color and quit.  This morning I futzed around a bit more, not too remarkable, but here it is anyhow.  to the left, photoshopped.  below original.  Besides cropping I messed around with hue, saturation and light levels.

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