What? Rush Out of Line?

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Gosh, Rush Limbaugh out of line?  How could that happen?  Limbaugh got in his black SUV and ran it hard into a microphone after traversing a long Los Angeles freeway hunched down in the backseat.

Men behaving badly when it comes to women.  The line is long, too long and keeps getting longer.

Now, his advertisers have begun to jump ship.  Gee, OJ’s sponsors and Tiger’s did the same.  So, what do we conclude?  That your boy, he’s your boy as long as you write the checks, does wonders for you up until some he commits some nakedly stupid or even evil act.

What about the day before that?  What about the under the table, boys will boys, backslapping that’s a good one kind of attitude before we had the dirty parts hung out on the backyard clothes line for all to see.

Whoever you are, you advertisers, your money props up, even in part creates, these public idols whose private idylls at some point bleed over into the public, then OMG!  If only we had known.  No, if only you had admitted what you already knew.

It is no wonder that public discourse has such a foul and unsavory reputation.  Political discourse has become a parody of talk radio, which, if you think about it…ah, hell, no.  Why would you think about it?

All this stuff is so simple-minded, so agitprop, so predictable and would be sad if it wasn’t so egregious and so damaging to the body politic.

Money, sex, violence, media, cupidity and stupidity.  A plague on all their houses.

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