The Week Ahead

Imbolc                                       Woodpecker Moon

Hello.   Another week of spring is upon us.  If puddles are here, can mosquitoes be far behind?  We may have to suck it up and adapt, folks.

The Great Comet of 1996, Hyakutake as photographed from latitude 56 north near Ketchikan Alaska. As noted by the photographer “By including the north star in this short time exposure, Hyakutake and the night sky are given a real sense of motion”. Chip Porter

Tomorrow morning the novel gets first pick of time and attention, this time until I’ve finished this draft.  Then Stefan’s paper will go in the printer and I’ll crank out the first complete rough draft.  I know already things that need attention, amplification, cutting, but I’m going to leave those alone for now.

My new schedule with the Latin:  an hour or so on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and a full day on Fridays seems to be good.  In the paper this morning there was a story about a kid, 16, who is a hyperpolyglot, who knew there were such people?  He learned the arabic alphabet in four days, then it took him, he said, a week to read fluently.  That’s just one of many languages he reads and speaks.

Well, he’s him and I’m me, still slogging through the grammar and the vocabulary almost two years on.

Reimagining has not got much attention this last week or so, but it will pick up again.  I plan to work on it episodically over the next couple of years.  I do have to crank out 3,000 words or so Groveland by April 1st.  That’s a good target.


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