Spring Cleaning

Spring                                                   Bee Hiving Moon

The so-warm March got folks cranked up about the garden, but this is Minnesota.  Our last frost date is still May 15th, six weeks away.  It’s no time for annuals.

(where we’re headed  2010 harvest)

Kate and I have started peeling away leaves, dead branches and stems, prepping our various beds for the warmer weather ahead.  None of what we uncover is frost sensitive.

I spent time moving limbs I had pruned in the colder weather, raking mulch off our onions and garlic and getting the planting plan for 2012 down.  We’ve decided to focus this year on crops that we put up or store for the winter:  beets, onions, garlic, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, kale, chard, collard greens.  We’ll also put in some herbs and some peppers and some sugar snap peas, but those we’ll use during the season.

Working in the garden, a tactile spirituality, balances out the indoor heavy lifting that has occupied–and tends to dominate–the winter season.  It feels good to be engaged again.


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