Ten Canoes

Spring                                                    New Beltane Moon

A cold, wet day.  Perfect for watching a movie.  So, I warmed up some brie, cut off a cluster of grapes and got an italian flat bread, gathered the remotes, inserted a dvd and sat back for an hour plus.

The movie:  Ten Canoes.  Fascinating.  Important.  Cross cultural.  A real voice, an authentic voice, one you have not heard.  Unless you’ve seen this movie.

A movie told by an aborigine story teller about a mythic time, not dream time, but a time when the ancestors still followed the law, the same law.  In the special features the aboriginal co-director, Peter Djigirr, said they made this movie to show the white man (balanda) that they had laws.  Otherwise, the white man comes more and more, lifting up their laws and the aborigine looks as if they have no culture.

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