early season gardening

Beltane                                               New Garlic Moon

Hilled the leeks, blanching up as far as possible on the stem creates the best tasting leeks.  Thinned beets and chard.  Checked the garlic.  Soon the scapes will come, curling back on themselves, ready to cut.  I plan to make a garlic scape and leek spaghetti when I harvest them.

This part of gardening is fun, helping the plants mature, watching them carefully as they grow from seed or bulb or crown or transplant into teenagers then young adults and finally become procreative, producing the parts that grace our table through the winter months.

The carrots show no interest in germination, slow pokes as always, needing a soil temp of 75 degrees, something we’ve not reached or at any rate not sustained.  Collard greens and pac choy have not germinated yet either.  The chard has begun to emerge and the onions, all of them, have substantial growth underway.

On the fruit side we’re beginning to see young, still green or white berries on the strawberry plants.


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