Weeds of Grass

Beltane                                                       Garlic Moon

Kate and I completely weeded the second perennial tier this morning, but it took both of us to finish it.

Grass.  More grass.  When the gods created grass, they forgot all about gardeners of the future.  Grass grows everywhere, many different kinds and needs little nurture.  In many ways it is the perfect weed.  Tall, it can grow up and out from within clumps of wanted plants.  Tough, it sticks to the soil with tenacity.  Wily, its rhizomes too often remain behind when what looks the whole plant comes out.  Then, in its persistent way, it regenerates and lives to annoy the gardener another day.  So, here’s to grass, a plant wonderful in its manifold powers.

Dragonflies have hatched in abundance.  Which means the mosquitoes have, too.  The dragonfly, with its bi-wing form, has a retro sort of look.  They are beautiful.  Iridescent colors, transparent wings.  Fairy like in their quickness.  Benevolent in their choice of food.  Seeing their forms darting through the air brings the great wheel round another turn.

Today the temperature felt, again, like July, but there was a fine breeze.  A warmer day, a gentle wind and the smell of lilies-of-the-valley transported me right back to grandma and grandpa’s house in Morristown, Indiana.

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