Lugnasa                                                            Garlic Planting Moon

Ordered some more garlic from Seed Savers.  Drying the small garlic slices preserves the garlic volatiles and keeps the garlic from rotting.  Good deal.  We’ll make more next year.  Kate’s going to try drying leeks, too.  We have an abundance of leeks.  I was a bit over eager when I hit the garden store in May.  Leek/tomato soup, leek/potato soup, more chicken pot pies, some chicken noodle soup.

Crushed the Colorado beetles.  Seems harsh.  Felt harsh.  But gardening demands choosing sides.  For the plants and against their attackers.  This is what I’ve called previously switching over to Mr. MacGregor.  There are, though, limits.  At least for me.  For instance, I will not go to pesticides, so if an infestation overcomes my manual or less lethal intervention, so be it.

Also picked our entire 6 apple Zestar crop today.  Apples are a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

All but the last chapter of Missing now summarized and another 6 verses of Philemon and Baucis done.  A good day.

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