Down to Here, Down to There…

Fall                                                                       Harvest Moon

Kate went, oooh!  What?  She came into the workshop bearing a foot long hank of hair, still gathered in a small rubber band.  Mine.  From the day I decided to stop wearing my hair long.  The thing is.  This is beautiful, auburn hair.  It still has sheen and highlights.  Boy, that must have been a while ago.

Now.  Would have been fit for the gray pony tail radio hour.  Nothing but Jefferson Airplane, early Stones and Led Zepplin.  And my hair.

So ends the play, Hair! in its local run.

Got out the sledge hammer, carried snow fence stakes to the orchard, dug a small pit, pounded one stake into the ground and put a plastic covered wire round the leaning tree of Zestra, pulled and secured.  Pretty good, but it took a two by four wedged in the earth coming from the other direction to secure the tree upright.  Another stake and more plastic coated wire around another leaning apple tree.

Inside I coarsely chopped onions, potatoes, leeks, carrots and simmered them in homemade vegetable broth with a stick of butter and lots of pepper.  25 minutes later I added 6 pealed tomatoes, quartered, a half pound of mushrooms and simmered 10 minutes more.  Winter vegetable soup.

Kate gathered herbs and the last of the tomatoes.  We’ll have to cover the peppers.  Freeze warning tonight:  25-32 degrees.  She also picked raspberries and the leeks I needed for the winter vegetable soup.

(Minnesota freeze map, Sept. 22, 2012)

She also cleaned and stored our Zestra crop.  60 or 70 apples.  The bagged apples were in much better shape than the non-bagged ones.  That was on purpose to see if bagging really helped.  It’s such a pain I wanted to know for sure.

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