Links to songs in Mandarin from a tumblr post.


❝ 知人知面知己知彼又知心//古人说这就是所谓知音 
or: a collection of mandarin songs that are worth a listen

the kind-of oldies 

teresa teng the moon represents my heart ● tian mi mi ● dan yuan ren chang jiu● little town story fei yuqing a sprig of plum blossoms ● this handful of soil kris phillips clouds of my homeland zhang yusheng ocean blues luo dayou childhood ● pearl of the east tsai chin heartbreak station dadawa story of the red-crowned cranes faye wong red bean ● mortal world qi yu olive tree

the newer stuff

raymond ma jade robes jay chou red dust tavern ● shanghai 1943 ● east wind breaks ● blue and white porcelain wang leehom still in love with you ● sun washed in spring rain ● mistake of the flower fields ● bo ya breaks the string ● do you love me a’bao lan hua hua han hong endless love (with sun nan)  jing boranbu guo qing ren jie ● can’t stop jolin tsai wandering poet jason zhang under heaven ● after tomorrow anthony neely wake up ● sorry that i loved you tan jinglove at kangmei ● love south of the river khalil fong close to you ● bb88 sa ding ding love in 2012 sodagreen little love song ● (ft. ella) i was written in your song ●swallow’s nest phoenix legend moonlight over the lotus pool ● above the moon wulan tuoya plastic flowers ● lassoing horses liu huan  crescent moon han geng clown mask ● wild cursive li yugang the drunken concubine ● (ft. shi tou) yu hua shi

theme songs

free-floating flower (reign of assassins) ● wander (swordsman) ● flying together (butterfly lovers 2007) ● far away (butterfly lovers 2007) ● heaven and earth are in your heart (legend of the condor heroes 2003) ● mulan qing (hua mulan 2009) ●mulan star (hua mulan 2009) ● painted heart (painted skin 2008) ● painted heart (painted skin: the resurrection 2012) ● jiang hu yao (rose martial world) ● ru hua (da ya huan) ● hui bu qu (spell of the fragrance) ● shang shan ruo shui (spell of the fragrance) ● buddha says (jade palace lock heart 2) ● hawthorn blooming (under the hawthorn tree) ● under the hawthorn tree (under the hawthorn tree)

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