Bleeding Heart Liberals

Beltane                                                                            Early Growth Moon

Yes, we transplanted bleeding hearts liberally in the area around our new fire pit.  They came out of a vegetable bed we had to transform to a shade bed when the small ash tree nearby got big.  Now the ash tree will be cut down and we’ll have more beds that get better sun, enough to grow vegetables.  I feel bad about cutting down the ash but it needs to go.


Even so it did mean that we had a stash of dicentra, bleeding hearts, that could go to another shady location like the area north of the firepit.  And they are now there.  In the process I broke my spading fork.  Again.  I hadn’t mended it fully the last time and I put too much pressure on it.

Transplanting on a cooler, cloudy day with a high dewpoint is best.  It reduces transplant shock and helps the fine root hairs stay moist and alive between digging and planting.

Tomorrow a different task even though we’re not done with this one.  Bagging the apples.  The blossoms fell and fruit set is imminent, so we get those bags on before the fruits show.  Then, clean apples.


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