62 And Still Worried About High School

Imbolc                Waning Wild Moon

Leaving for St. Paul in a few minutes.  Managed to work myself into an anxious state.  Wonderful.

The day itself has glorious possibilities, bright and warming.

What I’m experiencing falls under the category of pre-tramautic stress syndrome; that is, stress caused by anticipation of an unlikely, but possible phenomenon.  Last night I wrote that I gave up wanting more speaking opportunities and that the work is its own reward.  True enough as far it goes, but I also want to be liked and know that my prickly, combative personality does not lend itself to the warm fuzzies of human interaction.  God, here I am, 62 and still worried about high school.

At my best I know and accept the path and the person I have become, but just before a public event, sometimes, like right now, I’m not at my best.  Anyhow, it helps to write it down, say it out loud.  Thanks for listening.

One Response to 62 And Still Worried About High School

  1. Charlie,
    I heard you.