A Method to It

Winter                                                                Winter Moon

As you might have noticed, I’m doing an end of year summing up by quarters.  The method is to go through the list of posts for the quarter, check out what’s in them and try to come up with a thread, a throughline for that time period.  I’ve not done this before and it’s kind of fun, rolling back the days and months.  In fact, when Ancientrails reaches its 10th birthday on February 5th, 2015, I think I’ll do the decade.  That should be interesting.

The setting of a new year date encourages this sort of retrospective, a sort of see it, acknowledge it, set it in the past where it belongs and face forward moment.  This blog serves several purposes.   It’s an online journal, a weblog.  It’s a form of communication with a wide number of people.  Around 2,000 visits or so a month.  It’s a cultural relic. It also shows one of the many variants on human existence and in so doing allows others to either be affirmed or offended.  Both are important.

Anyhow, I’ll finish up the quarterly posts on Monday.  Then we’ll back to the usual.


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