Gettin’ Real

Summer                                                          New (Most Heat) Moon

Excited this morning. The move gets real today. The movers and packers from Sort Toss Pack show up at 10 am. They’ll move the wood from the garage, freeing up space there, then the red tape boxes from the basement and upstairs. After that load, the movers will take all the green tape boxes to the garage. Meanwhile the packers will be at work, getting stuff that is fragile ready for their trip to the consignment shop.

Kate’s gone through the upstairs like a beneficent locust, sweeping everything before her into boxes or onto the kitchen table for packing. In my turn I’ve sorted out six bookshelves full of books and some DVD’s, only six more standing bookshelves and the ikea bookshelves in the study to go. I’ll be done by the end of August if not before.

After they’ve moved all the books and the scrap wood, the movers will come back and take all of our bedroom furniture except the bed, plus the six empty bookshelves, an empty entertainment center, a chest of drawers and some smaller furniture.

Our house will feel much emptier after today and that’s a good thing. We’re not there yet, not by a long ways, but we’ve made a good start. A very good start. Next week we get the third market analysis and then we’ll choose a realtor from the three we have interviewed. The week after that Jon and Ruth come. Jon will build the deck and Kate will ride back with them to Colorado to meet realtors there and get an on the ground feel for the real estate market out there.

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