Beltane                    Waxing Dyan Moon

Kate and I went out this afternoon to Loretto, near Corcoran.  This is a horsey part of the metro, but we wanted to look at dogs, specifically an Irish Wolfhound and Walker Coyote Hound mix.  The man who bred them, Julian Lehman, has the unusual occupation of master of the hunt.  That is, he trains both horses and fox hounds to ride after a scented lure.  He also rides with those who hire his services.  Can’t be many of those in Minnesota.

These dogs were, for us, perfect.  They retain Wolfhound features and personality, but will probably be about 2/3’s the size.  With the hybrid vigor of a mix and a smaller overall body we hope they will live longer.  We went for it, buying two litter mates, this time both bitches.  Our last two Wolfhounds, Tor and Orion, were unneutered and this caused problems for them and for us.  Our fault of course.

We won’t bring them home until after our trip to Indiana, but after that Blue and Cleo (their puppy names) will live with us.

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