A Big Hand to Kate

Fall                                                                         Falling Leaves Moon

Our second SortTossPack day is done. Our walls and shelves are bare of art, which now rests in plastic tublike containers or in narrow boxes designed for the safe transport of framed works. They work hard. Removed two chest of drawers, a desk, a file cabinet and two bookshelves, plus the second and last large pile of red-tape book boxes.

The steps we’re taking now seem to cover more ground, move us closer to the reality. We’re going to take a rest the next couple days, maybe more, then do another round of decluttering and packing on our own. Next week the landscape contractors.

On October 8 the realtors and the stager comes. After them the movers for bids. Still a lot of work to go, but we’ve done the bulk of the move readiness part.

A big hand today to Kate, who managed the process while I was away being a political animal.

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