Got gas?

Written By: Charles - Sep• 27•14

Fall                                                                             Falling Leaves Moon


Propane, propane, gotta get me some a’ that good propane.  Propane, propane, winding through my heart and winding through my veins, gotta get me some a’ that good propane. I think those were the lyrics I heard, right?

In the mountains, in addition to water and septic, we’ll also likely have propane. I’m trying to learn about propane prices, purchasing and propane tanks. This is a different arena than the handy gas pipe-line with which I’m familiar.

The issue caught my attention due to propane shortages last winter and rapidly increasing per gallon prices. It’s something I know nothing about. When I lived on the Peaceable Kingdom outside Nevis, Minnesota in 1974, we had fuel oil. Which was cheap. Until the winter of 1974. Remember the Arab oil embargo? That produced my introduction to efficient wood-burning stoves, chain saws and splitting axes. In this case the price leaped from below a dollar to over two in a matter of weeks. Ah, the memories. And it hit 50 below wind chill several times that winter.



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