Off to Black Mountain

Written By: Charles - Oct• 29•14

Fall                                                                                            Closing Moon

Ancientrails goes on the road again today. Not sure what that will for mean for posting once I “move in” to Black Mountain Drive. I should have broadband service on Friday, but whether I’ll be able to connect to it right away is another matter.

One night in Nebraska and another at a Best Western in southern Denver (an acclimation night before going up Black Mountain for 5 days) then it’s sleeping bag and air mattress.

I keep expecting a surge of excitement to hit me, but the number of details to wade through has dampened enthusiasm through the death of a thousand faxes. Probably when I’m on the road, somewhere south of Rochester, it’ll kick in.

The drive itself will allow for a gradual psychic adjustment to the notion that this is one of the last Andover to Colorado trips. After next month, they’ll be Colorado to Minnesota instead.

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