A Blast of White Smoke

Winter                                                           Settling Moon

Bacon and cheese omelette this morning. Eating out has begun to diminish in its attraction, but we still need to unbox most of the kitchen things. Why? Because Kate’s putting together Swedish shelving. It will hold the pots and pans and bulky cooking accessories.

We walked the aisles of a darkened (really, not yet shopping day lit) Safeway, an iconic Western grocery store chain after our business meeting ate Aspen Perks. This one seemed even nicer than the King Sooper, more like a Lunds or a Byerlys. You can work out the demographics of Conifer from this information.

On a recent day I propped my head on a window ledge and looked out the window at lodgepole pine. Their branches droop toward the ground and I wondered why. After the recent snowfall, I learned the answer, at least part of it. These branches bend, but do not break. As the snow grows heavy on their needles, a certain load threshold is reached and puff, a blast of white smoke. Many more revelations to come.

I learned a long time ago that a revelation of your own, even if well known to others, is worth a lot.


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