Not Just Another Day, but My Birthday in Paradise

Highway 61    valentine’s day on Maui

Spaceship earth has come again, for the 61st time, to the spot on its journey that marks the day of my birth.  This time, as at least for two others, I find myself not in the heart of North America, but, rather on the western Pacific shore of Maui.  It is a good place to celebrate a birthday. As Tom Crane pointed out in a recent comment, the ocean is the mother of us all. 

On this day she pounds the northern shores of the Islands with grim fury borne of winter storms in the Alaska/far North Pacific.  The Maui News carries warnings of high surf, dangerous conditions, news to warm the heart of every surfer  here for just these events.

The Islands give me a primal sense of being at home.  My body relaxes and this time my mind has gone along.  The willingness of my Self to sink into the warmth, the moistness, the cheerful sunniness found here give me a feel for what the womb might have been like, a place of floating in security, knowing love as physical, all-embracing.  No better present.

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