Spring                                                                           Maiden Moon

20160321_110457Kate. Such a sweety. She wanted to thank the Sano staff for the good care they took of Vega: a lasagna with a great ragu sauce, a lasagna with mushrooms, a pecan pie and a tomato/mozzarella salad. We took all this over at 12:30 yesterday for their 1 p.m lunch hour. Looked like the work of a pro-caterer.

The big attraction though was Vega. When I brought her in, she slumped down, tried to be small. No more poking or cutting or needles or things, please. Then all the Sano staff gathered around her, petted her, cooed over her and she brightened up, smiled. Georgia, a vet tech, said, “Well. It was all worth it.”

And it has been. Last night as I got on the treadmill for my evening workout I looked out the loft window to the north, a good view of our backyard. There was Vega, her tail held high, hopping through the deep snow, on her own mission. The sight moved me to tears. Yes, it was all worth it.

2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. So happy to see Vega after surgery and sounds like she’s living a dog’s life . So happy for you guys too.

  2. Yes, she’s back to the old Vega. She is, too, Hopalong. Ears flapping and a distinctive sound as she moves around.