Caution: Old Person

Fall                                Waxing DArk Moon

Kate said this morning, “I have the zombie walk down.” She referred to her walker and its clump, clump rhythm.  I suggested we have her greet trick or treaters.  We could hang a sign on the walker that said, “Caution:  Old Person!”   Talk jen-kate-ruth-gabe300about scary.  (pic:  Halloween 2008, Leadville, Co.)

Yesterday she altered the periodicity of her drugs and  had a great improvement in her overall attitude.  Instead of taking 2 percocet every 4 hours, she now takes one every 2 hours.  I can tell advances in her movement and attitude each day, sometimes hour to hour.  She’s tough and stubborn, a good combination for recovery.

“I just thank Jesus for this fine Norwegian.”  A line I read in a newspaper article a couple of years ago.  Me, too.

On a more Y chromosome note.  Vikings vs. Steelers.  The line gives the Steelers the edge with three points.  Maybe.  Antoine Winfield is out with a bad ankle.  Rothelisberger has great stats this year in the passing game and Winfield out will put someone inexperienced out there.  Even so, my idea is that the Viking’s d-line will keep Ben on his heels enough to neutralize the Winfield problem.  If they can do that, Favre can score points with screens and mid-level passes since the Pittsburgh d will concentrate on All Day Peterson.  Let’s call it more like even.  Whichever team has the better day.

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