A Blessing and a Curse

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Computers. As in biblical covenants, they are a blessing and a curse. A blessing, usually, when they work and a curse when they don’t. I bought a new computer because this old Gateway has begun to disappoint me regularly. However, setting up a new computer is a chore, requiring much hemming and hawing (at least for me), so when this old computer (a new TV show! This Old Computer) came back to life, I put off installing the new one.

The Gateway is well over six years old, maybe seven. Desktops have a lifespan and I’m past it with this one. When the screens started going blank on me yesterday, I thought, well, that’s what you get for not setting up the new computer. Problem being, though, that without access to this one, the Gateway, it’s a lot harder to set up the new one. So, I spent a while this morning searching for answers.


Don’t know if I found one, but it has not happened again. So far. Most problems on a computer have been encountered many times before so if you type into google a description of what’s going on, things to try usually appear. I tried all of the obvious ones, then tried uninstalling the video card driver and reinstalling it by rebooting. This bothered me a bit because the ongoing and seemingly intractable problem for this old computer was an occasional unwillingness to stop playing with itself after rebooting, just that little windows circle that means, I’m working.

Got it back, finally, after three reboots. In computing, at least at my level of knowledge (small), the definition of insanity-trying the same thing and hoping for  different results-does not apply. I keep trying until things go my way. Or, they don’t. So far, most of the time, crazy as it sounds, this approach works.

The lesson here? Setup the new computer. Right away.


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