One g*&$%!m thing after another

Fall                                                                                  Healing Moon

piling onSometimes. Piling on. You’ve heard of it, right? Jumping on the quarterback or wide receiver or tail back with more big bodies after they’re already down, stopped. Well, SeoAh telling me last night that there was a water problem. Piling on. For a reason I do not understand we have no water. In the whole house. Of course, this happened at 8 pm, after I’d already taken my thc and had a long, fruitful, but exhausting day. Just. Couldn’t. Deal.

But. I checked the electrical panels anyhow. No thrown circuit breakers. All the water valves were in their proper alignment. WTF? It has occurred to me that the problem might be our water pump, but I don’t know how to check that. This morning I got down in the crawl space and checked the fuses on the water tank that stores water for the house. They were fine. I mean, geez.

piling on puppiesAt 7 am I’m going to call Herb Swindler of H2 Plumbing. Herb, oddly enough, lived in Ramsey, Minnesota, less than 10 miles from our house in Andover. It may not be a problem he can fix, if it’s the pump, but I want to rule out some simple explanation inside the house first.

Gotta say I could do without this.

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