Cold Weather Merit Badges All Around

Winter                                     Waning Moon of Long Nights

Warm up coming.  Low this a.m. only -16.


The consensus among forecasts and forecasters has some snow coming to us tomorrow and Thursday, perhaps enough to cause problems for the commute, but not enough to bother us at home here in the northern ‘burbs.  Another consensus has that snow followed by more arctic air, with windchills Friday clocking in at -20 to -30.  Again there is a consensus that the next week should see a real warm-up with temperatures perhaps rising as high as 30 degrees.

Each Minnesotan will get a cold-weather merit badge mailed out by the Association of Weather Warriors (Aww) sometime around the summer solstice.  Suitable for the car window  or now in lapel pins as well.

How does it go?  There are many cold Minnesotans.  There are many bold Minnesotans.

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