Ostara and the Ovid Moon of Metamorphoses

Thursday gratefuls: Dr. Thompson. Salivary glands, even when swollen. Oxy. Yet more Snow. Ruby and her snowshoes (blizzaks). Snowplow drivers of Jefferson County. Sleep. Vaccines.

Sparks of joy: Kate’s #1 shot on Saturday. My #2 Wednesday.


Gosh. As the characters say often in Korean dramas. At least in translation. Yesterday. Physical. I’m in good shape, great shape for a 74 year old with cancer, kidney disease, and post-polio syndrome. Seriously.

Serious conversation with Dr. Thompson about our need to define a threshold for a move. What combination of things will lead us to say, yes, now? The idea of assisted living, for this mountain dwelling introvert with a several thousand book library. Yeeecccchhhh. Not to mention an introverted wife and two dogs. Not sure what the options are.

Buy a new house down the hill, a ranch style, no stairs. Co-housing with Jon. Independent living in a setting where there are phased alternatives. Gonna get together with a senior living specialist from Jewish Family Services, look at options. Maybe some live in help or regular home health care?

We’re going to investigate Kate’s long-term health care insurance, too. See what it might offer. Not ready for this, but then I imagine no one ever is.

Forgot to finish this.