A Traitorous Thought

Spring                                         Awakening Moon (the moon phase is now available on this page elsewhere)

I saw an outdoor digital thermometer yesterday, on some bank, that read 76.  76.  We have 76 predicted for a high today, too.  76.  We have the moist, earthy smell and approximate temperature of Hawai’i. 76.

(Molokini on a day when the temperature was 76.  High yesterday in Princeville was 75.)

A traitorous thought crossed my mind yesterday as I rode along with the window down, taking deep breaths of the soil laden scents.  This is pretty nice.  Maybe this could happen early like this every year.  Even more traitorous.  I tried to remember the cold, the bleak midwinter and I could not recall why I liked it so much.  Then again.  This may be, probably is, living in the now.  It’s nice when the temperature is moderate, the air moist and the sky blue.  Just like it’s nice when the sky is crystalline, the earth white and the temperature well below zero.

Today though whatever the outside world has to offer my head will be plunked firmly back in the days of Augustus, Ovid and Caesar.  Today, Wheelock Ch. 10, 4th declension verbs and -io verbs of the 3rd declension.  Vale!

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