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Spring                                    Awakening Moon

Kate and I watched Precious tonight.  Kate found it an uplifting story.  I found it tragic.  Whichever view you take, this is a fine movie, capturing the fantasy that can keep us alive, the brutality physical and emotional that can keep us down and the complex network that captures each one of us, shapes us and spits us out whole. This was a bitter, intimate, too close look at a world so many do not even know exists.  It is a strange celebration of the often maligned networks that buttress our countries most neglected and abused.  A social worker looks good here.  A halfway house has a positive impact as does an alternative school and a teacher in it.

Precious gets up, falls down, gets kicked, kicked again, yet keeps moving forward.  That’s the positive note, the uplifting part.  The tragic part is the vast sea of girls and boys in similar circumstances who stop moving forward, who never get past the street, the labyrinth.

Kate works tomorrow, as a Jew she tries to work the Christian holydays.  I plan to dig into the declutter project yet one more time.  Again.  Still more to do, more places to clear.  Also, some Latin.  Maybe a bit of outside time.  Maybe a bit more on Romanticism.  We’ll see after the decluttering.

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