Finding My Place among the 10,000 Things

59  bar steady  29.77  4mph NW  dew-point 37  Beltane  Sunny and cool

                                  Full Hare Moon

Want to say a bit more about mastery (or, as Stephan said, maybe it’s anti-mastery) as living into the Self.  It has become clearer and clearer to me that I offer more impediments to the Movement of Heaven through me than I do channels.  I’m not being modest here, only stating a not too  unusual fact.  This opening and emptying of the ego so that my Self can flow through me out into the world is the big task ahead for me.  Yet, it is an ironic task, a task that only be realized in the negation of tasks.  It is a goal that has as its objective, an empty vessel and, to compound the irony, an empty vessel that will be filled, but this time not by the culture’s values, but by the values of the movement of heaven.  I believe a Taoist might call this finding my place among the 10,000 things.

I prefer this approach because it negates the notion of mastery as an over and above phenomenon, something that effort can achieve, and opens the way to mastery of the ego by the Self, the larger you that participates in the archetypal realm.  Let go and let Self, perhaps.  I envision this as a congested field filled with objects of desire and presumed needs suddenly cleared so that the plants natural to the immediate ecosphere can flourish.  It is the garden filled with native plants who require no artifice to grow; rather, they rely on the soil that the past has created, the rain a season brings and the sunlight that can reach the soil.  Native plants do not care if it is hot or wet or cold and dry, they have developed a lifeway that follows the rhythms of the seasons where they bloom. 

How much simpler our life would be if we could open ourselves to the rhythms native  to our Self; then we would not have to worry about dignity, accomplishment, status or desire.   We, too, would not care whether it was hot or dry, cold or wet, yet we would act, and act effectively because our actions would shape themselves to the  movement of the Tao. 

That’s how I see right now.

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