The Celtics

Beltane                                                Waning Planting Moon

Just watched the Celtics beat the Lakers.  A good run in the fourth quarter by the Celtic bench, no, make that a great run, to take the Celtics from four points down to as much as 11 up.  I don’t watch much basketball anymore, my street cred as a Hoosier slipping further and further away.  This finish made me remember why basketball is such a dynamic, fun to watch game, even on television.

The only thing you don’t get on television is the size, the astonishing size of the players.  Like the pro football players these folks are in a class of humans that occupy the extreme of the bell curve in height, weight and athletic ability.  Us 5 feet 7 inch guys literally don’t measure up.

It’s been a long time since I watched any sport other than football.  Like tonight I’ll catch part of a basketball game, the end of the 500 mile race, maybe one of the triple crown races with Kate.  During the winter olympics I watch a few things like the skiing events and the luge, maybe something else like biathlon and in the summer olympics I like track and field events like the dashes, the shorter distance races, long jump, pole vault, sometimes the basketball, other than those not much.

This is a culture change from my Indiana days when I used to watch basketball, especially college basketball, baseball, racing.  Other things to do.