The Vikings. Hmmm.

46  bar steady 30.11  0mph WNW dew-point   sunrise 6:45  set 7:36

First Quarter of the Harvest Moon  rise 4:06   set  none

The Vikings.  Well.  Near the end they had a chance to win.  A good chance.  They stayed in it and did not give up.  Tavaris still looks a bit stunned, but his passing improved in the second half.  Do not why they did not give Peterson the ball more.  Anyhow.  Could have been worse.  The defense did not look as good as the hype.  Roy Wolf at sheepshead last Thursday called a score somewhere in this ballpark.  I took the rosy picture.  Oh, well.

Tomorrow is a physical labor day.  Later in the week, more horticulture.

Started Arthur Machen’s novella, The Great God Pan.  I’m feeling some kind of work with Pan on the horizon.  In addition to gardening, that is.

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