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Out, Out Damned Football

Samhain                                                  Full Thanksgiving Moon Like quitting smoking, which I did cold turkey, I have quit watching football.  I don’t need the aggravation, especially with the Vikes and I don’t see the gain, if any, as worth it anymore.  Leaves me … Continue reading

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The Celtics

Beltane                                                Waning Planting Moon Just watched the Celtics beat the Lakers.  A good run in the fourth quarter by the Celtic bench, no, make that a great run, to take the Celtics from four points down to as much as … Continue reading

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Offensive Play

Winter                                               Waning Moon of Long Nights As my new novel has grown into its second chapter, my writing here has become more and more about the weather.  Not a light hearted topic in Minnesota, nor one lacking interest, at least … Continue reading

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