From Football Genius to Dastardly Spymaster

26  92%  28%  0mph WWN bar30.10 steep rise windchill26  Imbolc

            Waning Crescent of the Winter Moon

Today I reap the benefits of advanced preparation.  None of that running around trying to get stuff together at the last minute.  I always forget important things when I do that.

Got another batch of ping backs today.  Seems like they’ve picked up in volume in the last week.  Don’t know why that should be.

Noticed Bill Bellichik of the Patriots has gone from football genius to dastardly arrogant spymaster in two days.  Shouldn’t lose.  It does bad things to your winning reputation.

My sense of anticipation rises about a month on different ground than home.  Much as I love our home, the chance to get away, find other experiences ranks high on my list.  A retreat with my brothers in the Woolly Mammoths and then three weeks in Hawi’i will scratch some of that itch.  Went to sleep last night imagining early morning workouts on the beach.

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