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Beltane                            Waxing Strawberry Moon

This year’s garlic harvest hangs in the honey house to dry before coming inside.  It was a good year for the garlic with enough large bulbs that I will again plant my own 06-20-10_garden_6705garlic in August.  Over time the plants become acclimated to this particular place, its moisture rhythms and temperature variations.  It is becoming what it is because of where it is.  Just like me.

Another over wintered crop, parsnips, also came up today, at least part of them.  Nice big parsnips.  I also picked some volunteer mustard greens and a bok choy that looked good.

The rest of the morning I joined Kate in weeding, clearing out first the raised beds (not too bad) and after that along the fence rows (not too good).  I still have a few areas to repair from the canine depredation last fall, but much fewer than when the year began.

The leeks, onions, sugar snaps, potatoes, chard, kale, spinach, carrots, radicchio, beets, tomatoes, bell peppers and fennel also look good, but they all have a ways to go.   By the Woolly meeting we should have honey, too.

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