A Sabbath

87  bar rises 29.71 0mph NW dew-point 63  Summer, hot and sticky.  Clouds forming.

Waxing Crescent of the Thunder Moon

Unless I miss my guess, the Thunder Moon will have a namesake event to celebrate its waxing phase.  The day was hot, the dew point high and clouds have begun to build.  In fact, I’ve come downstairs to see if I need to unplug the computer.

After the picture printing in the AM, I have focused the afternoon on reading Sierra Club political committee material.  It’s a well thought out approach, developed at the national level.  It’s primary aim is to influence electoral politics on behalf of an environmentally sensitive agenda.  As such, it works at the retail political level and at the election atmosphere level, too.  Don’t know yet what my role will be since there has been only one meeting and I couldn’t make it, but I’m looking forward to rolling my sleeves up and getting back in the fray.

Otherwise a laid back day, a non-workout day.  A Sabbath.

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