Let There Be Lights

Fall                                               Waxing Harvest Moon

Speaking of money, I know about a good sale.  Lights on Broadway in Brooklyn Park is closing and they have really marked down their tremendous diversity of lighting products.  If you need any kind of lamp at all, it’s a good place and time to buy them.  Kate and I spent the morning there, finishing up some lighting choices we had left over from the remodel now some time ago.

After that, lunch at Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue.  Lunch with Kate is a date every time, dinner, too.  Our life together continues to unfold in new and positive ways.

No tour this week so I can hit the Latin hard.  I flagged off Greg last week because I just had too much to do, but I’ve finished Chapter 21 and will work tomorrow on Chapter 22.  Maybe get in a bit of work on the Metamorphosis.

I put this link in an e-mail to friends and I thought I’d add it here, too.  An amazing graphic presentation on scale from sizes below neutrinos all the way to local clusters of galaxies and beyond.  Scale of the Universe.